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Managing Your Doctor of Philosophy Program Checklist

Important Documents for Your Review

Program specific policies and regulations are available in:

Managing Your Graduate Program Check List

In this section:

Register for courses prior to the last day for course add/dropfor all students

Register in your Thesis course each semester

  • You must register in Thesis 8000 each semester in addition to any courses identified on your ‘Approved Program of Studies’ form.
  • Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office.

Make course changes before the add/drop deadline for all students

  • A senior undergraduate course (3000/4000) can be taken at the graduate level with approval.
  • In order to make changes to your program, you must complete the ‘Change of Course’ form and then submit the form to the Registrar’s Office, once the required signatures have been collected.
  • Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office.

Submit a "Progress & Standing" report

  • You are required to submit a Progress and Standing report at least every 6 months
  • You and your supervisory committee conduct a review meeting to discuss and assess your program, work completed and the plan for the upcoming semester.
  • The supervisor submits the completed and signed report and supporting information to the SGS prior to the commencement of the upcoming term.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Submit your Thesis Proposal

  • You are required to submit a thesis proposal, accompanied with the ‘Post-Admission Thesis Proposal’ form to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • The form is available online.
  • The deadlines to submit the thesis proposal online in the Policies & Procedures manuals.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Complete the Comprehensive Exam

  • All students in the PhD Program must take and pass a comprehensive examination.
  • The exam is due by the end of your second year in the PhD program.
  • Questions? Review the Policies & Procedures and/or contact the SGS.

Submit the ‘Request to Take an Undergraduate Course at the Graduate Level’ form

  • Submit prior to the registration deadline
  • A senior undergraduate course (3000/4000) can be taken at the graduate level with approval.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Submit the ‘Independent Study’ form prior to the registration deadline

  • An ‘Independent Study’ form is to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office for courses identified as 7990.
  • A second reader is required when the course is taught by any member of the supervisory committee. No more than one independent study may be instructed by the supervisor.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Request an extension for your program

  • Should you not complete your program within the maximum program residence requirement; your supervisor(s) will be required to submit to a ‘Request for Extension’ to the SGS.
  • This request is accompanied with a ‘Progress and Standing Report’ form, with the timeline for completion.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Request a leave of absence from your program

  • A request for a leave of absence is submitted with a ‘Progress and Standing’ report included with the length of the leave and the timeline for completion upon your return to your program.
  • Leaves of absence are approved to a maximum of three semesters
  • Tuition and applicable funding will cease during the leave and resume upon your return (registered) from a leave of absence
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Return to your program following a leave of absence

  • You will be required to complete an application form that will be provided to you when your Leave of Absence is approved.
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Change your Supervisory Committee

  • If there are changes to your committee structure, you are required to submit a ‘Change of Supervisory Committee’ form detailing the supervisory committee membership by the deadline dates identified on the form
  • Your ‘Program of Studies’ form will be updated accordingly
  • Questions? Contact the SGS.

Download a verification of enrolment letter

  • You must be registered in courses for the fall semester for this feature to work
  • This document is usually required for RESP’s, scholarships etc.
  • Here are the steps:
    • Log in to the Bridge:
    • Click on 'Registrar's Office and Student Services'
  • Click on 'Verification of Enrolment Letters'
  • Questions? Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office.