Health System Impact Fellowship

NOTE: The deadline for this award has passed (March 27, 2019)

Award Quick Look

Deadline: Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Amount: 45,000

Student Status: Full Time

Type: External


  • Canadian
  • International
  • Permanent Resident


  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
  • School of Graduate Studies

The Health System Impact (HSI) Fellowship (for doctoral trainees and post-doctoral fellows) provides highly-qualified doctoral trainees and post-doctoral fellows studying health services and policy research (HSPR), or related fields, a unique opportunity to apply their research and analytic talents to critical challenges in health care that are being addressed by health system and related organizations (e.g., public, private for-profit, not-for-profit, and Indigenous health organizations that are not universities) outside of the traditional scholarly setting, and to also develop professional experience, new skills, and networks.

Overall, the HSI Fellowship blends research and professional competency development with practical, hands on experience that is complemented with unique mentorship, leadership, and capacity strengthening opportunities. It welcomes a diversity of types of projects and programs of work - including applied research, policy analysis, quality improvement, intervention research, surveillance, priority setting and strategic planning, data management/stewardship, and more – as long as the work relates to critical challenges in health care that are being addressed by the organization and that the work contributes to achieving the health system organization’s impact goal. This is the third launch of the program, and examples of previously funded HSI Fellows, their host partner organizations, and programs of work can be found on CIHR’s website.


Internal Deadline

  • March 27th  
    • In order to obtain the VP Research signature, please submit a copy of your application to the SGS Awards Advisor by the internal deadline. 
  • Agency deadline April 2nd   


  • The maximum amount awarded for a single award is $45,000 for one year with a $5,000 Research Allowance.


  • Be entering or registered full-time a PhD program at a Canadian CIHR eligible institute.
  • NOT have already held, or hold, an award from SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR or any other federal source to undertake and/or complete a PhD degree.
  • Selecting the Appropriate Federal Granting Agency (NSERC vs SSHRC vs CIHR)


  • Apply online via ResarchNet.  For further instructions:  
  • This Award does not use the electronic approval process. Applicants must obtain all required signatures. Verify the signature requirements by consulting the sections titled "Required Signatures on Application Forms" and "Meaning of Signatures on Application Forms" in the CIHR Grants and Awards Guide. These signatures are required to be scanned and uploaded before submitting your application.After obtaining the required signatures, scan and upload the signed pages (including the Routing Slip) prior to submitting your application.