Master of Education Checklist



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Accept your Offer of Admission

  • To accept your offer of admission, submit your Confirmation of Admission (COA) form and pay the required tuition deposit before your offer expires.
  • Due by the date indicated on your Confirmation of Admission form. 
  • Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.

Review important documents for your program

Setup your Bridge account

  • The Bridge is uLethbridge’s online information system. It is your gateway for personal information related to your student status with admission, registration and student information
  • To setup your Bridge account:
    • Have your nine-digit uLethbridge ID number and birth date available
    • Visit the Bridge:
    • Click on ‘Need a username?’ on the right-hand side of the page
    • Enter your ID number and birth date
    • Follow the steps including selecting your username, password and security questions
  • Questions? Contact IT (Information Technology) Solutions Centre.

Arrange for all final official transcripts to be sent to Admissions if you have not previously done so

  • If you studied outside of Alberta, must complete this step once you have finished your studies and final transcripts are available
  • If you studied in Alberta, the Admissions Office can obtain transcripts from Alberta Education and most Alberta post-secondary institutions on your behalf
  • You can view an up-to-date list of your outstanding documents through the Admissions Inquiry system in the Bridge
    • Login to the Bridge:
    • Click ‘Registrar’s Office and Student Services’
    • Then ‘Admissions’
    • Finally ‘Admissions Inquiry’
  • To be considered official, Admissions must receive documents directly from the issuing institutions
  • Questions? Contact the Admissions Office.

Get your campus ID card | Turcotte Hall

Get in touch with the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office

Get familiar with the GSA

Login and access your Webmail, your uLethbridge e-mail account

  • Webmail is the primary way uLethbridge will communicate with you
  • Check it often (daily!) to ensure you don’t miss any communications
  • Login using the same username and password as the Bridge
  • Important note: if you are unable to login to your Webmail but can login to the Bridge, try choosing a new password
  • Your e-mail address will be your username followed by (e.g. Luxie T. Pronghorn's username is luxie.pronghorn, so his e-mail address is
  • Questions? Phone the IT (Information Technology) Solutions Centre at 403-329-2490 or visit them at TH218, Turcotte Hall
    • Do not e-mail for assistance with login, username or password inquires. They can only effectively assist you over the phone or in-person

Forward your Webmail

  • You can forward your Webmail to any e-mail account
  • If you forward your Webmail:
    • Webmail will not keep copies of your e-mails. They will only be accessible in your other e-mail account
    • Regularly check your junk or spam folder as it is possible forwarded e-mails may be misidentified as spam
    • If you suspect you are not receiving uLethbridge emails to your forwarded account, check your Webmail to ensure the forwarded content is not being blocked
  • Questions? Contact the IT (Information Technology) Solutions Centre:

Know important dates and deadlines

Purchase a parking pass (Off-Campus Students Only)

Sign-up for textbook reservation

  • The Bookstore will package all of the textbooks required for your courses. They will be ready for pick-up at the beginning of the semester
  • At this point, you are only signing up for the service. The list of books required for your courses will not be available until two weeks before the first day of classes
  • Questions? Contact the Bookstore.

View your list of your textbooks

  • You must be registered in courses for the semester for this feature to work
  • Textfinder will provide you with a list of the required and recommended textbooks for each course
  • The system only updates once a day. Any changes to your current course registration will not be reflected until the following day
  • Important note - If you are unable to login to Textfinder but can login to the Bridge, try choosing a new password
  • Questions? Contact the Bookstore.

Access the on-campus wireless on your devices

Sign-up for a Library tour

Register with the Accommodated Learning Centre (ALC)

Get in touch with the School of Graduate Studies

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Register for courses

  • Course registration is the most important step before starting your graduate program
  • The Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office will provide you with course registration information upon admission and for subsequent semesters
  • If you are not registering in a class in a particular semester, you must still register in a placeholder.
  • You will not be able to register if you have a hold on your Cash Office account.
  • Check the Bridge to ensure you are registered appropriately
  • Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office.

Determine Which Culminating Activity is Right for You

  • Refer to the website for information on your culminating activity options (Capstone, Project, or Thesis)
    • The Capstone is conducted in a supportive seminar environment that draws on the participant's experience in the graduate program in order to synthesize the student's learning in the creation of a significant contribution to scholarship and/or professional practice.
    • A Project is generally intended as an application to an existing methodology or procedure. Often, people will use the project as a demonstration or as an implementation of something that does not currently exist in their system. Thus, it is more practice oriented, even though it still must have a solid grounding in the literature. Students engage in systematic inquiry of a topic relevant to their educational practice. This inquiry is grounded in theory and research but typically focuses on practice. Methods of inquiry may be both qualitative or quantitative.
    • A Thesis is theory oriented, and begins with the posing of a question that will in some way contribute to the building or validating of theory. Considerable depth is expected in the review of literature, the application of a disciplined and clearly described methodology for dealing with the research question, a thorough description of the results of the work (both descriptive and connotational), a synthesis of the research findings with extant literature, and implications of the research for both theory and practice.
  • We recommend contacting the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office to assist you with the process
  • Questions? Contact the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office.

Download a verification of enrolment letter

  • You must be registered in courses for the fall semester for this feature to work
  • This document is usually required for RESP’s, scholarships etc.
  • Here are the steps:
    • Log in to the Bridge:
    • Click on 'Registrar's Office and Student Services'
  • Click on 'Verification of Enrolment Letters'
  • Questions? Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office.

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In this section:


Complete Your Culminating Activity

Carefully review the forms, guidelines, and reference information regarding your culminating activity. Detailed information on each route can be found within the links below. It is critical thal students orient themselves to the process. For assistance contact the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office.

Submit the ‘Recommendation of the Award of the Degree’ form

  • Following the successful completion of your culminating activity, including any necessary changes to the written document required by your supervisor/committee the Supervisor completes and submits the ‘Recommendation of the Award of the Degree’ form to the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office
  • You will submit a PDF of your thesis through e-thesis submission system. You will receive an email message when the e-thesis permissions have been set up for the account you created. See the E-Thesis Submission page for detailed instructions. Refer to the School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures for detailed information
  • Students who do not have final approval and have not completed all degree requirements will be required to register for the upcoming semester
  • Questions? Contact the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office.

Apply for Convocation

  • Application for Convocation deadline dates are March 1 for Summer Convocation and August 1 for Fall Convocation.
  • You may apply to convocate if you anticipate completing all degree requirements no later than April 30th (Summer) or no later than August 31st (Fall). You will remain on the convocation list if you have met all degree requirements by these dates.
  • The deadline to clear all outstanding Cash Office accounts in order to Convocate is April 1 (Summer) and August 15 (Fall).
  • Questions? Contact the Graduate Studies and Research in Education Office.

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