Alzheimer Society

NOTE: The deadline for this award has passed (November 6, 2020)

Award Quick Look

Deadline: Friday, November 6, 2020

Amount: 22,000

Student Status: Full Time

Type: External


  • Canadian
  • International
  • Permanent Resident


  • Doctor of Philosophy


  • School of Graduate Studies

The Alzheimer Society Research Program (ASRP) is a successful collaborative initiative of our Federation, within which all the provincial Alzheimer Societies, the Alzheimer Society of Canada (ASC), partners and donors pull together to support research directed at both eradicating dementia and ameliorating the lives of those affected by it. The ASRP provides grants and awards to support Canadian studies that promise new insights into causes, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. 


  • Internal: Nov. 5
  • Agency: Nov. 8 at 22:00 MDT


  • $22,000/year for 3 years


  • Doctoral; Canadian, PR, International students
  • Applicants must not have completed more than 18 months at the time of application.

Instructions:  Details are on the Alzheimer Society main page and the application is completed via the Alzeimer's portal.  Please submit a electronic copy of your complete application  and a hard copy of your signature page with your supervisor and department chair signatures.  The Graduate Awards Advisor will obtain the Dean and VPResearch signature for you.  You will then be notified when you can pick up the signature page so you can upload the signature page as required.  

NOTE: the financial officer for this instituion is the Graduate Awards Advisor (Deirdre Coburn).