Vice-President (Research) Search Committee

Vice-President (Research) Search Committee


President (Committee Chair)
 Mike Mahon

Provost & Vice-President (Academic)
Erasmus Okine

One (1) person appointed by the Board
Karen Gunn

Two (2) members of Statutory Deans' Council (1 Dean/University Librarian, 1 Executive Director), appointed by Statutory Deans’ Council
Mary Ingraham (alt. Kerry Godfrey)
Trisha Henschel (alt. Paul Pan)

Five (5) Academic Staff members, appointed by General Faculties Council
Leanne Elias
Inge Genee
Andrew Iwaniuk
Nehal Thakor
Kien Tran
(alt. Louise Barrett)

One (1) Undergraduate Student, appointed by the Students’ Union
Liam Connel (alt. Jonathan Diaz)

One (1) Graduate Student, appointed by the Graduate Students’ Association
Lauren Zink (alt. Justin Miller)

One (1) person, elected from among the APO or ESS or AUPE or a Post-Doctoral Fellow      
Penny D'Agnone  


The advertisement for the Vice-President Research position is located here.