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It is the duty of a Senate to inquire into any matter that might benefit the university and enhance its position in the community

1st Row: Travis North, Teresa Petriw, Jordan Miles, Mashhood Qazi, Leanne Elias, Andrew Gammack, Charles Weaselhead, Mike Mahon, Sherry Davis, Jason VandenHoek, Karen Johnson, Sheena Olson, Austin Mardon

2nd Row: Jodie Gallais, Michelle Day, Bailey Harray, Holly Kletke, Isabel Russell, Tevi Legge, Andrea Hlady, Carole Goodreau, Letisha Peterson, Cyndi Starzyk-Frey, Trevor Page, Deb Best

3rd Row: David Boras, Chris Horbachewski, Lindsay Ehler, Shawn Johnsrude, Sue Kovach, Ryan Munn, Jim Miller, Jason Elliott, Cathy Gillespie, Moira Watson, Keri Colwell

4th Row: Andy Hakin, Tyler Ivie, Heather MacBeath, Jason Shriner, Arnold Follinglo, Malcolm Clewes, Craig Loewen, Bill Spenceley

Missing: Annabella Ansah, Yale Belanger, Mandy DeCecco-Kolebaba, Henry Doeve, Lori Harasem, Jeff Milner, Treena Tallow, Cyndi Vos, Nancy Walker, Mike Warkentin, Mike Whipple, Robert Wood