Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is appointed by, and has responsibility to, the Board of Governors to assist the Board of Governors in fulfilling its financial reporting and audit responsibilities and to approve, monitor, evaluate and provide advice on matters affecting the external audit, risk management, and the financial reporting and accounting control policies and practices. For further information you can access the complete Terms of Reference, Internal Audit Terms of Reference, Meeting Schedule and the website of the Internal Auditor.


Kelly Philipp Committee Chair
Kurt Schlachter Board Chair
Harvey Labubn Board Vice-Chair
David Westwood External Member
Dean Gallimore Finance Committee Chair
Darcy Gonci Board Member
Karen Gunn Board Member
Karen Reid Board Member
Jodie Gallais Director, University Secretariat - Non-voting
Erasmus Okine Provost & Vice-President (Academic) - Non-voting
Mike Mahon University President and Vice-Chancellor - Non-voting
Joel Makin Director, Reporting & Restricted Funds - Non-voting
Carrie Takeyasu Associate Vice-President (Finance) - Non-voting
Nancy Walker Vice-President (Finance & Administration) - Non-voting
Jessie Westers Director, Internal Auditor - Non-voting
Non-Voting (by Invitation)  
Doug Wylie Auditor General
Robert Driesen Assistant Auditor General
Michelle Fleming Principal
Mark DeBlois KPMG, Partner
Dan Bosters KPMG, Senior Manager
Jennifer Nguyen KPMG, Manager