2019 Recipients

Dr. Cindy Blackstock, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa
A professor of social work at McGill University in Montreal, Dr. Cindy Blackstock has spent her career speaking out against the systemic inequalities of services provided to First Nations children, youth and their families and, in the process, has become a powerful advocate for Indigenous children in Canada.

Dr. Hugh Dempsey, Doctor of Arts, honoris causa
Alberta historian Hugh A. Dempsey, the Chief Curator Emeritus of the Glenbow Museum, is a renowned storytell, authoring more than 20 books that focused primarily on the history of southern Alberta and the culture and history of the First Nations peoples of Alberta, securing the stories of elders for future generations.

Dr. Navjeet Dhillon, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa
As a self-made International Reas Estate developer, as well as a proud Canadian, Navjeet (Bob) Dhillon has built a $2 billion real-estate empire from the ground up.  Dhillon elevated the profile of the University of Lethbridge and the Dhillon School of Business through a transformational gift of $10 million, sharing his vision of entrepreneurial leadership and inspiriting a spirit of innovation.

Dr. Paul Martin, Doctor of Laws, honoris causa
The Right Honourable Paul Martin, Canada's 21st Prime Minister, has made immeasureable contributions to the prosperity of our country and greatly impacted the well-being of Canadians as well as the health and education of Indeigenous children and youth by leading forward-thinking initiatives, the benefits of which will be realized for generations to come.

Dr. Arthur B. McDonald, Doctor of Science, honoris causa
Dr. Arthur B. McDonald, a professor emeritus of physics at Queen's University and co-winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics, is renowned as a leading researcher in his field, as well as an unabashed supporter of his collaborators and colleagues, and mentor for a generation of thinkers and scientists.