Supporting Our Students Supports Us All! 

We are U of L faculty, staff and retirees who are helping our students shine brighter by contributing to Supporting Our Students (SOS), an annual campaign that raises money for student awards and on-campus student-focused initiatives. Through your work on campus, you already help to create a vital and engaging environment where our students can be successful. We want you to take your support to another level by donating to a student award or initiative that is important to you. Please join us! 


Frequently Asked Questions

Over half of SOS donors are contributing to one of three main SOS awards: the SOS Scholarship, the SOS Bursary, or the SOS Graduate Scholarship. The rest of us are donating to an award or initiative that is close to our heart or directly supports a group of students we serve. The choice is yours! 

There are over 100 other awards and initiatives to choose from: 

  • Current student awards  

  • Students in financial need

  • The Students’ Union Food Bank 

  • Pronghorn Athletics or the fine arts 

  • Research, equipment, exciting new projects or buildings, and much more! 

That is up to you! SOS is about participation, not how much you give. 100% of your donation will go to the award or initiative you choose, with none of it going to administrative costs. Any donation, no matter the amount will affect student awards in a positive way.  Your donation is also tax-deductible. 

Payroll deduction is the easiest way to donate and is available to salaried faculty and staff. You can also contribute at any time through a one-time donation.

Supporting our students goes beyond donating to scholarships. The amount you choose to give is not as important as your participation, and SOS is always looking for other meaningful ways to support our students. Let’s come together and show our students that this is a campus that cares. Questions? Please contact us at 

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