Benefits For Clients

  • Your clients' donations, large or small, can have lasting and meaningful impacts they never dreamed possible.
  • Planned giving provides clients with the opportunity to support those areas that have personal significance and value to them.
  • Planned gifts may allow a donor to make a gift without affecting their current financial circumstances.
  • Certain planned gifts can reduce tax burdens by taking into consideration the unique financial needs of each donor.
  • Giving feels good. Donors often express immense satisfaction in supporting something that really matters.
  • By thinking about the future today, your clients can better prepare for their loved ones or estate.
  • A planned gift can establish a lifelong relationship for your clients to the U of L - a university committed to supporting students, research and education.
  • By notifying the U of L about deferred planned gifts, a donor can connect with the University and receive recognition during their lifetime.