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Degrees available

  • Bachelor of Nursing





Program description

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge offers the Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing After Degree programs in collaboration with Lethbridge College. Students study theory and experience clinical practice in the areas of medical and surgery, long-term care and continuing care, paediatrics, maternity and child, labour and delivery, mental health, rural acute and community health.

Graduates are prepared to be caring holistic professionals who base their nursing practice on theoretical knowledge, evidence, and standards for nursing practice. Emphasis on cultural, social, and health issues —particularly related to rural, elderly, and aboriginal populations — are key components of the programs. The programs provide the essential background to write the Canadian licensure exam to become a registered nurse (RN).

Possible careers

  • Registered nurse
  • Clinical nurse
  • Communicable disease nurse
  • Community health nurse
  • Diabetes educator/registered nurse
  • Immunization Clinic
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Public health nurse
  • Public programs & services coordinator
  • Wellness coordinator/manager

Sample classes

  • Nursing 1163/Nursing 1220 - Nursing Practice I
  • Nursing 2250/Nursing 2020 - Health, Illness and Healing I
  • Nursing 2290/Nursing 2260 - Applied Therapeutics
  • Nursing 4530 - Nursing Practice - Medical Surgical Nursing

Additional information

March 1 — Nursing application deadline

Our Bachelor of Nursing program is competitive. For current information on admission and program requirements, visit the Registrar's Office website.

Nursing students may be eligible for scholarships and awards at Lethbridge College in the first and second year of the program.

Transfer students may have a minimum 3.0 credit hour university-level course mark in the same discipline used in place of the high school mark, if it is more advantageous. The fifth course may be substituted for any minimum 3.0 credit hour university-level course