Meet Your Mentors

Once you accept your offer, you will be assigned a mentor. Mentors are current uLethbridge students who have been in your shoes. They have had a great experience in Lethbridge and want to make sure you do too! They are here to guide, support and assist as you prepare to begin your studies. Not only will they assist you through email, but they will also be leaders and staff at the major events you attend (e.g., Ahead of the Herd and New Student Orientation).

Get to know your mentor today:


Is a seemingly perpetual student entering their fifth year studying Neuroscience. As undisciplined as they are curious, Lauren is working on their minor in Studio Art this year, has done an exchange semester in Australia, worked as a Co-op student with the federal government, has experience working in five different labs, tutored for Liberal Education for two years, and is involved on campus with LPIRG, the Woman’s Centre, and CKXU. Lauren lives downtown with their partner, lifelong fuzzy friend Kitkat, and thirty-five and counting plant babies.


Hi folks! My name is Laurel, I am a Fine Arts student majoring in Art Studio. I will be going into my third year here at the UofL. I focus on painting, drawing, and photography but love learning new skills and methods of creating. Fun facts about me? I have my scuba diving liscense, I've done a half marathon and was the first woman to finish, and I love getting involved with the local art/music scene. Hope to see you around, don't be afraid to say hi! 



I’m a 4th year student at the UofL finishing up my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology. My future goal is to acquire a degree in education and become an educator in the middle school grades. 

My interests include everything sports, especially hockey. I enjoy watching, playing, and socializing about any sports! I enjoy all types of music including Foy Vance, Ed Sheeran, and Jon Bellion. I am from the only border city in all of Canada, Lloydminster (Sask side represent!) If you ask me, pineapple belongs on pizza and a hotdog is most definitely a sandwich. End of story.


Hi guys! I'm a third year in the combined degree of English/education with a minor in social studies. As you may have guessed, my main purpose is to become a teacher. I'd describe myself as saucy with a side of sugar with an undying love for dogs. And to end this off I'll give my answer to the question, 'Would you rather be loved or feared?': "Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."- Michael Scott.


Hi I’m Alicia from Airdrie, Alberta. I am a third year fine arts major focusing in painting and photography. I am also hoping to take a masters in England following graduation. I play the piano and am teaching myself the bass guitar. Some fun facts I am a major Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings nerd. I am a terrible cook, and can often be found used bookstore shopping downtown with friends.


My name is Tendai and I’m a fourth year Psychology major with a minor in History. I think the Weeknd is bae and bubblegum ice cream is what dreams are made of...unless you have nightmares then I got nothing. Anyway! #BlackGirlMagic #ULeth #WeOutHere #YaaaasQueen


My name is Jen and I am in my first year of education, and I just graduated in June with a degree in music! My favorite colour is yellow, and I am pretty sure the best food ever is blueberry bagels with extra butter. I love turning yarn into cool things and Greys Anatomy is my one true love. My favorite class is World Music, and clarinet is the best instrument in the orchestra. No? Fight me.


Hello my name is Miranda and I am in my 5th year doing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in French. I am set to graduate this year! Fun facts about myself: I like eating pizza in the car and long romantic walks to the fridge. I'm really bad at texting and I take frequent surprise naps. If you need me I'll either be sleeping or petting a dog. 


Hi friends! My name is Ainsley McLaren. I'm in my fifth year here, taking a Combined Degree program of a Bachelor of Arts in French/Spanish, and a Bachelor of Education. When I'm not in class, you'll see me having tea lattes with friends in the pool gallery, on my phone in the library (I'll get to studying eventually) or dancing with the Swing Dance club! Fun facts about me: I love cross-stitching, games nights, my baby nephews, and communicating in GIFs. 


Fun facts about Solomon (Nerdicus canadensis):

- He is a fifth-year music student, studying oboe.
- He comes from Calgary (born and raised).
- In the summer months, he dresses up as though it's 1881 and works in living history.
- He was in competitive spelling in junior high school.
- His favourite smells are frankincense, old books, and rain.
- He will eat almost anything, just no raw onions, please.




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