Welcome to the U of L Teaching Centre

The Teaching Centre is your “one-stop” for all topics teaching-related, including (but certainly not limited to): course and lesson planning, student assessment, student engagement, classroom management, instructional technology, and online learning.

Additionally, the Teaching Centre offers a number of services and programs for instructors, faculty and graduate students, encompassing: Moodle (LMS) support, “Shop Talk” discussions and tutorials, teaching and learning research support, “Talking about Teaching” seminar series, and “SPARK” annual teaching symposium.

Individuals may also contact us any time regarding confidential one-to-one teaching consultation, and/or confidential classroom peer-observation and feedback.

In addition to the services and programs identified above, for graduate students specifically we offer the Graduate Assistant Teaching Development Program. Graduates with a Masters or Doctorate degree often go onto teach at post-secondary institutions or assume leadership roles in business, industry, government or not-for-profit organizations. In order to be adequately equipped to carry out duties as teaching assistants and to acquire significant skills for their future careers, all graduate students are strongly encouraged to participate in this program.

The Graduate Assistant Teaching Development Program provides an opportunity for professional development in critical teaching skills, equipping graduate students to carry out their teaching duties effectively and prepare them to lead, teach and train others. Graduate students who have participated in these sessions receive formal recognition of participation in this academic professional development program via a “Certificate of Participation.” This certificate can be a valuable addition to a graduate student’s curriculum vitae when applying for academic positions, doctoral programs, post-doctoral placements or careers outside of academia.

Visit the Teaching Centre website at /teachingcentre/

Contact the Teaching Centre:
by phone: ext. 1856 (403-380-1856 from off-campus)
by e-mail: teachingsupport@uleth.ca