Accounting (MSc (Mgt))

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Length of program

Full-time: 24 months Part time:48 months

Mode of delivery

On Campus

Program components

Coursework and Thesis


Lethbridge and Calgary



Program description

Examines the factors influencing the design, provision, quality, use, and impact of financial and non-financial information on a variety of stakeholders, including investors, managers, auditors, creditors, and organizations.
Common areas of study include: capital markets use of information, judgement and decision making of auditors and managers, factors influencing information quality and use, accounting information systems, ethics, performance measurement, and contracting uses of accounting information.
A degree, or major in accounting is required to be considered for this major. Though not required, work experience in the field of accounting is a valuable asset.

Note: Though it is not required to secure a supervisor to apply to the MSc (Mgt) Program, applicants are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the research streams available in their selected MSc (Mgt) major. Be sure to mention your research interests in your Letter of Intent.

Career pathways

An excellent bridge to PhD studies or to pursue careers where research skills and scholarly knowledge are valued. i.e. consultant or analyst