Health Services Management (MHSM)

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Length of program

Part-time: 24 months

Mode of delivery


Program components

Coursework + project





Program description

The Master of Health Services Management (MHSM) is jointly offered by the Dhillon School of Business and the Faculty of Health Sciences. The MHSM program is designed to provide interdisciplinary knowledge and experience for health care practitioners and entry-level managers in the health sector who wish to move into more senior positions. The focus is therefore on providing students with the knowledge necessary to become effective managers in the Canadian healthcare system. Development of applied research, critical thinking and decision-making skills is embedded throughout the program, culminating with application in an integrated experience point project.

MHSM is a cohort-based, part-time program that is offered at the Calgary campus of the University of Lethbridge. The program is delivered in a compressed format using a combination of blended learning techniques, distance delivery and residential (face-to-face) sessions. The delivery model allows students to attend graduate school while continuing to work. This is a particularly important feature for students who must maintain practice credentials.

A Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management (GCHSM) is available for students who wish to increase their knowledge level but may be unable to, or are cautious about, committing to a complete master’s degree. A student who successfully completes the graduate certificate will receive course credit towards the master’s degree, making it easy to seamlessly ladder continuing education and professional development goals.​

International Students: Please be advised that due to the part-time nature of this program, graduates will not be eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit after completing this program. International students interested in this program are advised to contact the International Centre before submitting an application to this program.

Program Schedule

Program Snapshots

Health Services Management Programs - February 2021

Career pathways

This program is primarily designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in health care or management, who are working full-time and would like to move into (or have recently been promoted into) a managerial role.

Additional information

The overarching objective of the MHSM program is to prepare individuals to function effectively as managers and administrators in a wide range of public and private health care environments. Embedded in the program are global learning objectives which include developing and enhancing:

  • Interdisciplinary knowledge
  • Advanced numeracy skills
  • Systems thinking
  • Advanced critical thinking skills
  • Advanced analytic and decision-making skills
  • Global mindset

The program prepares students to be independent, strategic thinkers and collaborative colleagues. While the students’ knowledge and skillsets will be shaped within the context of health care, the learning outcomes will be transferable. More specifically, students will:

  • Understand the context and complexity of health services and health management in the Canadian healthcare system.
  • Develop interdisciplinary, integrated knowledge of, and experience in, the management of health services across five modules: Design; Financial Structure; Leading and Bridging; Political Environment; and Conceptualization.
  • Develop foundational knowledge of the functional management areas of public and private health care environments.
  • Become effective managers of interdisciplinary environments in the health care sector.
  • Acquire enhanced meta-cognitive skills in numeracy, systems thinking, analytic thinking, critical thinking, synthesis, and decision-making.
  • Acquire effective team building and team cohesion skills.
  • Develop foundational knowledge of a variety of health care systems outside Canada.
  • Develop knowledge and acquire competencies in applied research and decision-making.
  • Develop research skills to diagnose current challenges in a health care organization and construct a potential solution.
  • Organize and pursue an integrated project in a managerial setting in a health care organization.
  • Write and present an applied project to an acceptable scholarly level.