Neuroscience (PhD)

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Length of program

48 months

Mode of delivery

On Campus

Program components

Coursework + Thesis




Summer, Fall and Spring

Program description

The degree requirements for the Ph.D. program consist of successful completion of courses, a comprehensive examination, a Thesis, and a Thesis Oral Defence. Students develop their program in consultation with their supervisors. Required courses for the PhD Neuroscience program include:

  • Neuroscience 7901 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues I (0.75 credit hours)
  • Neuroscience 7902 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues II (0.75 credit hours)
  • Neuroscience 7903 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues III (0.75 credit hours)
  • Neuroscience 7904 - Neuroscience Research Dialogues IV (0.75 credit hours)

Course descriptions are available in the Course Catalog.