Student Success

Leonard Menon photo by Madison Johnson
Leonard Menon receives boost in funding for two research projects
Kierian Turner in Studio One
Kierian Turner (DAA) received a 2019 MusiCounts Scholarship
Ryland Moranz and Amandine Pras in Studio One
Ryland Chambers-Moranz (DAA) receives two undergraduate research grants
Jordan Berg accepted to AMF composition program
Music student accepted to prestigious composition program

Digital Audio Arts Special Projects

Scherzo and the Chinook Brass Quintet

In 2018, Scherzo (composed by John Cheetham) was performed by the uLethbridge student quintet, known as the Chinook Brass Quintet, including Music Department Studio students. The project was recorded in the University Recital Hall by a team of professional engineers and Digital Audio Arts students.

Chinook Brass Quintet:
Max Gunther (trumpet)
Elleen Humble (trumpet)
Alexis Leadbeater (horn)
Andrea Norman (trombone)
Jaret Jacobs (tuba)

Ensemble Supervisor: Dr. Josh Davies

Recording Production Professor: Dr. Amandine Pras
Guest Audio Engineer: Bo Brink (DPA Microphone)
Student Audio Editor and Mixing Engineer: Matt Wiebe

Sxueak for Squeaky Toys and Computer by Matthew Burtner

Yangke Li, graduate student (2013) produced the recording of Sxueak for squeaky toys and computer by Matthew Burtner Performed by Montreal-based ensemble In Extensio

Hamlet and the Silent Drum

Hellawell composed incidental music, using the Silent Drum, for Theatre and Dramatic Arts’ production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (directed by Brian Parkinson), in February, 2012. He also gave a solo performance as part of Experience Fine Arts Day, 2012, and in concert for Integra Contemporary and Electroacoustics Ensemble. Development of a digital musical instrument, known as the Silent Drum, by DAA student, Mathew Hellawell as part of course on Applied Research in Digital Audio Arts based on an Original design of Silent Drum by composer Jaime Oliver.

Old King Hamlet's Revenge


Meta Saxophone

DAA student Shaun Bellamy constructed a "Meta Saxophone”, augmented instrument funded by a Mentors in Creative Research Grant (Research and Innovation Services). Bellamy composed for, and performed on the Meta Saxophone. He developed a solo piece for his graduation recital in Composition, as well as composing a group composition featuring Meta Saxophone, piano, and digital turntable.

Metamorphic Blues for Piano, Meta Saxophone and CDJ 2000

Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustic Ensemble

Integra Contemporary & Electroacoustics