Jury Repertoire Sheet

**For the Spring/2021 semester, students will choose whether to submit a recorded performance or perform an in-person jury during exam week.  Talk to your Studio Instructors/Teachers to determine the best option.**

For Recorded Juries: complete the Jury Repertoire Form and submit a scan/photo with a pdf copy/scan of all repertoire when you submit your recordings.

For In-Person Juries: complete the Jury Repertoire Form and submit a scan/photo with a pdf copy/scan of all repertoire before your jury date.


Jury Repertoire Form


Jury Dates

End-of-semester juries will avoid all Department of Music final examinations as scheduled by the Registrar.

The jury dates for this academic year are:

Fall 2020: TBA

Spring 2021: TBA

If your jury is in conflict with a scheduled final examination from another department, please inform the Music Administrative Support: music@uleth.ca upon discovery of the conflict.


Jury Procedures

Studio students enrolled in Studio II (MUSI2248) and Studio IV (MUSI3448) must complete end-of-semester practical examinations (“jury”). Performance juries are scheduled during the final examination period in April. A sign-up sheet will be posted each semester in March. Students must consult with their accompanist before signing up for a jury time.

Students not following the standard schedule of studio study (i.e. fall – spring) will be contacted by the Studio Coordinator in November to arrange a jury day/time during the final examination period in December.

The standard length of a jury is 15 minutes. Please consult your course outline for additional details regarding jury length, repertoire requirements, and memorization requirements. Memorization is required for piano and voice students.

Students enrolled in Studio VI (MUSI3648) and Studio VIII (MUSI4848) who have been instructed to complete an extended jury in lieu of a recital will be required to complete the jury during the exam period.

Students must provide two complete copies of their musical scores to the members of the jury, accompanied by two copies of the Jury Repertoire Sheet.


Composition Studio

Composition Studio students must submit their semester portfolio to their instructor on the last day of class. The instructor will schedule an interview with you and at least one other member of the teaching faculty in order to review and evaluate your work. This interview will take place during the exam period.