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Drama Additional Requirements

Drama Applicant Requirements

      New High School Applicants

      High school applicants are admitted to the Drama Department directly based on uLethbridge admission requirements as first year students, not on an audition or portfolio.

      Performance majors must successfully audition in their second year to continue in that major.


      Transfer Applicants

      Transfer applicants are admitted to the Drama Department directly based on uLethbridge admission requirements, not on an audition or portfolio, unless as a third-year student.

      Transfer performance majors only are required to complete an audition to determine their stream (Performance, Directing or Theatre Creation) if entering their third year of studies. Contact Academic Advising for questions about transfer agreements.


      Post-Diploma Applicants

      Diploma graduates with agreements with uLethbridge can apply directly to a Post-Diploma degree. Each post-diploma program has additional requirements. Contact Academic Advising for questions about transfer agreements.

      Post-Diploma BFA-Dramatic Arts (Performance)
      • Portfolio and audition.
      Post-Diploma BFA-Dramatic Arts (Technical/Design)
      • Portfolio only
      Post-Diploma BFA - Dramatic Arts/BEd
      • Portfolio only


      Application Process

      1. Review your program application and scholarship deadlines prior to applying.
      2. Submit your application for admission to the University prior to submitting portfolio
      3. Upload and submit your portfolio online at SlideRoom. This does not need to be done at the same time as your application, but you need both parts to receive an offer from the University.

      Evaluation Schedule

      Submit your portfolio and essay prior to one of these dates:

      Fall Intake
      • December 15 *
      • February 15*
      • April 15
      • June 15
      • August 1 – Final Evaluation due to COVID-19

      *Line up with University scholarship deadlines


      Portfolio Content

      Examples of your work (10-20)

      Your portfolio informs the Drama Department about your creative interest, experience, skills and direction. Choose your best work that provides a sampling of your recent theatre experiences as a performer, designer, or technician and document it professionally.


      Examples of the range of materials you can submit

      • Drawings, paintings, designs
      • Selections from sketchbooks and journals
      • Photography
      • Playbills or list of productions and roles
      • Programs
      • Videos of performance
      • Audio-based work

      Additional Information

      • Title
      • Year of work
      • Medium(s)
      • Brief description of the work – max. 50 words (optional)
      • Names of any collaborators (if relevant)



      SlideRoom Information

      You may upload images (jpg), video (mov, wmv, flv), music (mp3) and one PDF document file with a maximum 6 pages. SlideRoom links directly to Vimeo, YouTube and SoundCloud.

      For best image quality and fast upload, image files should be about 1024 x 768px @ 72 dpi. Please keep video files under 60MB and limited to 2 - 3 minute clips. Our SlideRoom portal offers additional instruction for submitting your work. For technical assistance, contact

      At SlideRoom you can login and edit your portfolio as often as you like; however, once you have submitted it, no changes can be made.

      Submit your portfolio


      Audition Process

      To register for an audition or interview, review the requirements, and if you have any questions or concerns contact with your ID number.

      The Drama Department recommends that you audition for all three streams, with the plans that you will participate in two of the three: Acting, Directing or Theatre Creation.



      Admission and Portfolio Advisor
      Phone: 403-380-1864