Practice Rooms & Rehearsal Spaces


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Fall 2020 Access to Practice Rooms & Rehearsal Spaces

The deadline for Fall 2020 has passed.

If you have received access, please review the following links for reference:

Campus Access Safety Training 

Return to Work Health and Safety Plan

Hazard Assessment for Practice Rooms and Rehearsal Spaces 

Music Practice Room & Rehearsal Spaces SOP

Rehearsal Spaces - Student Booking Policies 


Daily Requirements to keep us all safe!

FFA Booking System for all spaces will be Once your application for access is accepted, you will be given access to the booking system so that you can make your own bookings.  Cohorts will still need to work out their practice schedules among themselves first, initially with the Studio Coordinator’s assistance.   

Download the uLethbridge Safe App  OR sign in to the Being on Campus Registry.  One of these two options must be done each day that you are planning to be on campus.

Clean/sanitize high-touch surfaces, piano, stands, computer keyboards, Zoom recorders, and any other equipment that you use.  Cleaning stations are found in each practice room hallway and in rehearsal spaces. You will be required to follow all cleaning protocols as outlined in the Practice Room Sanitization Training.

Sign In/Out sheets are posted on the door of each practice room and rehearsal space.  Upon leaving, the student will attest to having cleaned common touch surfaces, pianos and all equipment used.

Any questions?  Contact the Music Relaunch Representative ( or Studio Coordinator (