Experience Fine Arts Day - Volunteer Sign-Up

Experience Fine Arts Day is the biggest recruitment event at the University of Lethbridge, and the Fine Arts team is looking for students that might volunteer their time in helping us support the day’s events.  The information we collect with this form will be used solely for the purpose of scheduling student volunteers for the day and communicating information related to EFAD.  Once we have created our volunteer schedule, we will be emailing you to confirm your scheduled volunteer time and set-up training times (as needed).  To thank you for volunteering, we will be offering all Atrium Crew and Tour Guides an event voucher and a Fine Arts t-shirt.

PLEASE NOTE: if you have been approached by a faculty or staff member about being an assistant for one or more of the EFAD workshops, that faculty member MUST report your name to us in order for your volunteer time to be properly recorded and to receive an event voucher.  Workshop assistants are being recorded separately.  DO NOT use this online form unless you are also able to volunteer as Atrium Crew or a Tour Guide.

Optional Questions

These will help us track student involvement across Fine Arts programs and help make EFAD better for future attendees.  You do not have to answer these questions in order to volunteer, but your answers will be kept anonymous and only be used in relation to EFAD statistics and preparing future EFAD programming if you do choose to answer.