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The Faculty of Fine Arts offers a comprehensive education that positions its students as change makers and future leaders. Help us ensure that a uLethbridge education is attainable for every deserving student, regardless of his/her financial ability, by donating.

There are a number of existing projects that could benefit from your support. In addition, the U of L is happy to work with you to develop a project that meets your individual needs.  


The Abbondànza Scholarship Endowment awards scholarships to deserving senior students enrolled in Art, Drama, Music, New Media, and Multidisciplinary programs.

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Abbondànza endowment provides record number of scholarships to Fine Arts students

Thanks to 20 years of community support, the University of Lethbridge is excited to announce an astounding 30 scholarships were awarded from the Abbondànza Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment in the 2020/2021 academic …

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Abbondànza Scholarship recipients grateful for contributors

Hear how your contributions support Fine Arts students.

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Taking flight together

How could Sarah Russell (BA ’19) picture herself a university graduate when she’d never seen one in her family? How could she be expected to navigate an education system in a world with which …

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