Transportation Subsidy

Last year over 450 high schools students from over 27 schools across Southern Alberta and BC attended Experience Fine Arts Day (EFAD). To help keep costs to schools as low as possible, the Faculty of Fine Arts offers a Transportation Subsidy - awarded to the maximum of $1,000 per school.

This subsidy may be used to cover more than one mode of transportation to attend EFAD, but only one subsidy per school will be provided. To gain the most from this subsidy, please coordinate your transportation plans within your institution, and designate one teacher or administrator who will submit the subsidy request for your entire school.

To qualify for the transportation subsidy

  1. Pay for your transportation (bus or gas for vehicles). Keep your receipts.
  2. Print the Transportation Subsidy Reimbursement Form, or pick one up on the day of the event with your registration.
  3. Complete the Transportation Subsidy Reimbursement Form and submit your transportation receipts by mail by the last day in January.


Download Transportation Subsidy Reimbursement Form


A cheque will be mailed to your school the week following EFAD.




Phone: 403-329-2691