Student Registration

The purpose of this event is to experience all of the fine arts – please don’t feel restricted to taking only courses in the area you have taken in school. Please consider all of the areas of workshops to make your choices.

Student Registration Process

  1. Review available workshops (2020 workshops will be available April 2020, you can review last years offering for reference) and times. Select a series of workshops available with alternative options, if your first choice is not available.
  2. Student registration opens: Tuesday September 8, 2020 at 9:00AM 
  3. Register in workshops 
    • Go to the University utickets to register
    • Click on Experience Fine Arts Day.
    • Select a workshop in the first time block you plan to attend. After making the selection, set up an account by clicking Login at the bottom of the screen. It is critical you provide accurate information, including an email address, as we may have to contact you about your registration.
    • After creating an account register for one workshop per time block.
    • To add more workshops in different time blocks click ‘Add More Tickets.
    • Once all workshops are added, select CHECKOUT. Select your school and teacher from the drop-down menu before finishing.
    • Click the final Checkout button.
  4. An email with the workshops selected is sent to the unique email address you provided when creating your account. Please forward that email to your teacher to verify your registration.
  5. Complete the Authorization & Safety Form and submit to your teacher before attending.
  6. Print your workshop list and bring a lunch (or cash to purchase lunch) on the day.


Contact the University Box Office