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BFA - New Media/BSci (Computer Science)

Bachelor of Fine Arts - New Media/ Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

The 5-year combined degrees program allows you to graduate with two degrees. Your new media studies prepare you to be a versatile new media professional and adaptable in a changing industry.  The rapid advancement and integration of digital and interactive technologies within our culture has radically changed the way we communicate and interact with each other.  The BFA-New Media degree was created  to meet the present and future need for content creators capable of applying both linear and non-linear strategies to problem-solving situations.  By combining traditional art, music, drama practices, theory, and criticism with digital and interactive media, the Department of New Media provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience essential for personal and professional excellence and growth in the field of New Media communication. 

Combine this with studies in computer science, delving into the study of algorithms and data structures and their applications in designing new and efficient solutions to industrial, technological, environmental or social problems.




Know your calendar year

Remember that program requirements vary depending on the calendar year, which is usually the year of admission to uLethbridge. Therefore requirements may differ from year to year, even within the same major.

For questions about this or changing calendar years speak with an advisor.



Sample Sequencing Plan

Shown below is a sample of courses for your degree.  If you follow this plan, you should be able to graduate in the time shown.  If you want to alter the sequence, consult with an Academic Advisor

For more information on individual courses, see the Course Catalogue or review your Program Planning Guide.


Sample Sequencing Plan 2019-2020


Year 1, Fall

Year 1, Spring

Art 2031 Art 2032
Computer Science 1620 Computer Science 2620

Computer Science 1820

Mathematics 2000

New Media 1000

New Media 2010

New Media 2005

New Media 2030


Year 2, Fall

Year 2, Spring

Cinema 1000 Computer Science 2720
Computer Science 2610 Computer Science 3620

New Media 3030

New Media 3150

New Media 3380

New Media 3420

Mathematics or Statistics List course

Social Science


Year 3, Fall

Year 3, Spring

Computer Science 3615

Computer Science 3740

Computer Science 3000/4000 level

Computer Science 3000/4000 level

New Media 3030

New Media 3680

New Media 3520

New Media 3900

Social Science Social Science


Year 4, Fall

Year 4, Spring

Computer Science 3000/4000 level

Computer Science 3000/4000 level

Cinema or New Media List course Computer Science 3000/4000 level
Social Science Cinema or New Media List course
Fine Arts Elective Fine Arts Elective
Arts and Science Elective Arts and Science Elective

Year 5, Fall

Year 5, Spring

Computer Science 3000/4000 level

New Media 4651

Computer Science 4000 level

New Media 4661

Computer Science 4000 level


Fine Arts Elective


Arts and Science Elective



For more information on individual courses, see the Course Catalogue.

Make sure you complete your degree requirements by referring to the Program Planning Guide and the uLethbridge Calendar for program planning and course registration.


A minor is a good way to complement your major, have your interests in another subject area recognized on your official transcript, and expand your employment opportunities. It is an optional component of your degree program that requires a smaller number of courses to complete.

See an Advisor for more information about this.