Travel & Personal Reimbursement

Travel and personal reimbursements to staff and faculty are initiated through the online expense claim in the Bridge and reimbursed based on the Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures. The SumTotal Expense Claim Manual provides you with details of how to use the online expense claim system. A number of frequently asked questions about the online expense claim system are answered in the FAQ document. We have come up with a list of mileage distances from Lethbridge return to assist you with your claim. Please see the Expense Type Definitions Document for help in selecting the expense type on your claim. When you are ready to submit your receipts, follow the steps in Receipt Submission. You can check the status of your online expense claim by following the steps in Claim Status.

If you approve online expense claims and would like someone else approve claims in your absences, complete the steps in Proxy Assignment.

For training on how to use SumTotal please click here for our training video. If you want to arrange an individual or a group training session, please contact Patti Infanti at 403-329-5182.

Contact SumTotal Administrator

Patti Infanti at 403-329-5182

Travel/Cash Advances

University of Lethbridge American Express Corporate Card holders may obtain cash advances to cover incidental travel and other business costs through their Corporate Card. This card enables cash advances to be drawn through any banking machine that displays the Interac symbol, to a maximum daily limit of $250 and monthly limit of $1,000.

If an advance exceeding the daily/monthly limit is required please contact Jennifer Zgurski in Financial Services to make alternative arrangements. At the discretion of Financial Services, your supervisor's or department head's signature may be required in such cases. Please note: Advances not accounted for within 30 days of return are subject to payroll deductions.

American Express Corporate card cash advances are billed to the card holder on the day the advance is taken through the regular monthly credit card billing. A one-time incidental fee of $1 plus 2% of the advance amount will be charged for each advance, and these additional costs may be reimbursed through the expense claim process.

All employees are eligible for a University of Lethbridge American Express Corporate Card. Financial Services encourages employees who travel on University business to apply for the card for University-related travel and other business expenses (except for capital items exceeding $1,000 in value) that are eligible for reimbursement in accordance with University policy (see Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures).

Please contact Jennifer Zgurski (329-2398, extension 2398, with any questions regarding this policy.