Click here for the Materials Management Shipping Form. Use this document whenever you are requesting shipping services for University business.

If you require gas products for your department please submit the Praxair Order Form. For all Arts and Science gas products please contact the Science Stores for your requirements. For all other departments please ensure that you have already been issued a Standing Order in order to purchase these products.

Receiving Goods and Services

Suppliers of goods and services to The University of Lethbridge are specifically instructed to ship goods to The University of Lethbridge Receiving Department. Receiving personnel are responsible for identifying shipments by purchase order number or procurement card number, recording the receipt of goods, and for delivering the shipment to the originating department or end user.

It is the responsibility of the originating department or end user to verify that the goods received correspond with the items ordered on the purchase order or procurement card.

Upon receipt of goods, an immediate inspection of the contents of your goods should be done. If there is concealed damage or shortages of goods, the Shipping and Receiving Department or Materials Management should be notified immediately. Failure to do so may result in you having no recourse with the supplier or freight company to claim for damages or shortages. Freight companies must be notified of any such claims within 10 days of receipt of delivery.

Shipping Services

Shipping Services is responsible for the shipping of all goods off-campus, with the exception of postal shipments, government courier and personal shipments.

Courier Shipments

All courier mail must have the account clearly indicated on the top right corner of the envelope. These envelopes will be picked up from the department secretary's office with the morning or afternoon mail, for next day delivery to major centres in Canada and the U.S.A. Depending on location, 4 to 6 working days are required for international shipments, other than the U.S.A.

For international shipments containing a computer disk, indicate "Computer Disk Enclosed". This is done to ensure information on the disk is not erased when x-rayed by customs.

For all other goods, such as returns for repair or credit, dry ice, etc., a Request For Shipping Services form must accompany goods explaining any special instructions.

Transit Insurance

Most commonly, the cost of freight and transit insurance is negotiated into the purchase price of a good. In such a case, the good is considered to be “F.O.B. Destination” (Free on Board Destination). This means that the supplier owns the good until it arrives at the U of L and is responsible for freight and insurance costs. There are occasions, however, where the purchase price of a good is negotiated as F.O.B. Origin (Free on Board Origin). This means that the buyer (the department/University) owns the good in transit and must pay freight and insurance changes. In this case, it is important that the buyer understand the following:

For questions relating to the U of L’s Self-Insurance Program please contact Risk and Safety Services.

If the department does not wish to assume the risk of losses below the Self-Insurance Program deductible amount, it should purchase transit insurance. In the event of a large transit loss, the transit insurance will cover the loss or damage of the goods to the value of insurance purchased.

Materials Management is limited in the shipping and receiving services that it can provide at off-site locations. It is vital that faculty/staff adequately and appropriately package goods for shipping and exercise caution when receiving goods at off-site locations (e.g. do not receive (refuse) damaged goods or if damage is not evident at the time of receipt report the loss to the carrier within 24 hours of receipt).


Tracing of all shipments is done through the Shipping and Receiving Department or Mail Services. IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event that it is necessary to receive a shipment that is incomplete or damaged, the faculty/staff member should obtain a copy of the waybill and packing slip that clearly documents the missing or damaged package(s) and if possible contains the signature of the driver. The carrier must be notified immediately in order to initiate a claim for recovery.

Mail Delivery

Shipping/Receiving personnel delivery and pick up once daily from all departments on campus. Mail services is located in Parkway Service Complex. Any questions regarding mail should be directed to Mail Services personnel, Ext 2381.

Calling Courier Companies

Please be reminded that courier companies will only come to the Shipping and Receiving Department. If you require service, please call us at 2615.