Program Code Request Guidelines

Prior to requesting new program codes, the following should be considered:

  • The University uses program codes primarily to group the expenditures into major functional classifications. Within these functional classifications, there is very little separation.
  • With the University working towards the adoption of a data governance model the privacy of individual salaries/benefits that may be within a program code should always be considered before separating to specific program codes.
  • Why is a program code required as opposed to an activity code to track transactions within a program? Is this a major service or major function of the department? What decisions will be made by using a program code that wouldn’t be able to be made using an activity number?
  • What is the budget for the new program code? Generally, a budget would include salaries, revenues and expenses with an original budget.
  • What type of expenses/revenue will be attached to this program? (including salaries)
  • Is this a onetime setup or a continuing program?
  • Changing program codes loses continuity for historical financial comparatives and creates complexity in reporting - both internally and externally – to ensure reporting year to year is consistent.
  • The maintenance of the online approval systems is quite labour intensive and the potential for FOAP errors does increase with numerous program codes.
  • Finance iWeb reporting cannot be restricted to the program level, only the fund and organization.
  • Program codes are not created for specific instructional course numbers.
  • Program codes are created at the beginning of the fiscal year only.
  • Program code requests should be submitted to Financial Services with details for the request taking these guidelines into consideration.
  • The program code request will be reviewed by and must have the approval of the Associate VP, Finance or Director, Financial System Support and Development and Director, Resource Planning.