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Wayfinding & Environmental Signage

Environmental signage systems serve an unassuming function but they can significantly affect how people feel about the University while navigating our campus and when they leave the University. Signage systems are intended to supplement public spaces rather than replace 'good design' of our public spaces and environments. They are to express our culture of the University in a wayfinding system that combines both function and form, orientation and direction in a comprehensive aesthetic package. Its effectiveness relies on quality graphic communication and consistent design to portray a clear message.

The current Campus Sign System (7.6MB) was developed in 2002 and addresses most situations across campus with specifications and standards to implement the sign system. The standard was the first organized attempt at a branded signage system across campus interior and exterior environments. The system includes the appropriate use of typography, font size, colour, graphic identification, room numbering and building labelling protocols. The system attempts to provide legible consistency and to establish appropriate hierarchies which facilitate patron wayfinding.

Non-conforming signage on campus will be immediately removed.

Environmental Signage Improves Brand Identity

Similar to the graphic branding and identity of the University image, our signage system must be implemented within a set of standards in order to provide consistency and define qualitative design attributes of all signage types. The standard addresses installation procedures, the use of colors, materials, typography as well as dictate the hierarchy of signage systems on campus (from pedestrian to motorist scales, and department wayfinding and staff signage). Signage systems can also enhance barrier-free accessibility and wayfinding for persons with disabilities.

Sign Shop (Building Maintenance)

For additional information regarding work requests and the production of signage on campus, please refer to our Facilities Building Maintenance website for our Sign Shop. While most of our campus signage is produced internally through the Facilities sign shop, more elaborate building signage is designed and produced under the direction of expert signage and wayfinding consultants and fabricated by commercial sign manufacturers.