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Space Management and Allocation Policy

An institutional policy to address the management of all space resources and their allocation to units. The intent of the policy is to define university space resources, maximize the use of space and define who is responsible for managing space resources and the process by which space is to be fairly allocated.

Space Management and Allocation Policy

Project/Planning Initiation

Project or planning initiation is a primary component of a Project Delivery Process. Project Statements are prepared by Campus Planning before a recommendation is made to senior administration. In order for preliminary plans to become an actual capital project they always require a committed funding source and defined scope.  Not all Project Statements become projects and transition to the implementation phase.

The Project Statement template is available for your convenience: Project Statement Template

Space Request Form

When there is a proposed change in space allocation (assignment) or change in the use or function of an existing space resource, a Space Request must be completed by the unit, making the request in order for Campus Planning to formally administer a change to any campus space resource.

A copy of the Space Request Form is available for your convenience: 

Design & Construction Standards (2018)

The latest version of the Campus Design Standards release version 1.2 (January 2018).

Campus Sign System

The current Campus Sign System was developed in 2002 and addresses most situations across campus with specifications and standards to implement the sign system. A new environmental signage system is to be developed and updated through a collaborative process.

Campus & Parking Maps

Download a reference copy of our Campus or Parking Map:

Campus Map and Directory [2013].pdf (1.79 MB)

Parking Map [2013].pdf (312.25 KB)

Other Relevant Policies (Non-Facilities)