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Campus Planning

Campus Planning is responsible for orchestrating and developing campus planning frameworks to guide the development of capital and infrastructure projects in a cohesive organized manner. During times when our space requirements can only be resolved by constructing new space, Campus Planning administers planning work to initiate projects for new construction.

Campus Planning’s work builds upon and strengthens previous development work with aims toward a future vision that is incrementally complete and which continues to support and respond to student learners, academic research, enhance campus public life and actively engage the community. Although projects are conceived in various ways, the process of defining the scope, budget, review and approval of projects remains the same. This scalable process ensures that university resources are put to our identified and supported institutional priorities, for the best support of our academic, learning and research ambitions.

Day-to-Day Activities


Campus Planning assists in the analysis of space through the periodic assessment of our campus space inventory by evaluating current use against best-use requirements. The goal or this work is to ensure we use our limited space resources as well as possible and that they function for their intended purpose. For example, maintaining science laboratories in highly-serviceable buildings, planning for space required by expanding faculties, and so on.


Campus Planning is investigating ways to value campus space. “Valuing" space allows for the equal allocation of space between faculties and departments thus ensuring that space is shared in ways which support current and planned University activities vs. relying on historical practice and outdated models.

Space Policy & Standards Enforcement

Campus Planning develops and oversees the master plan, space and capital project-related performance standards and guidelines. These include:

1. Design and Construction Standards

2. Space Management and Allocation Policy

3. University Campus Master Plan