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Our Legacy

Our landscape architecture is equally important as it acknowledges the experience of being located within a natural coulee ecology and setting. The University's dramatic setting provides the opportunity to create connective outdoor spaces unparralelled in other urban campuses.

"The prairie landscape is a distillation of the multitude of various elements that compose other landscapes into the basic elements of earth and sky. Objects caught between these vast and simple elements appear trivial unless emerging intrinsicly from one or the other or unless reflecting in generosity of size the prairie scale. ... Thus, the cluster of farm buildings, widely spaced across sections of land, become isolated accents in the sweeping folds of the prairie: or the group of elevators rising out of the small town at the railway stop become majestic focal points for vast areas of land and sky. But build a subdivision over the subtle folds of the land and the prairies is destroyed. The grades are too gentle, the countours too soft, to survive the onslaught of an endless scattering of buildings. Without breathing space, vast quantities of it between clusters of buildings, the prairie dies."

Excerpted from the original Campus Development PlanĀ