Turning Ideas into a Clear Vision

When an idea comes forward that has physical requirements, Campus Development becomes involved to initiate the Project Delivery Process and test the feasibility of the idea on its path toward becoming a clear vision. In order to move the idea forward, a Sponsor and Stakeholder Lead or representative is selected to champion and consult with and represent the vision. In a Campus Development led process, a small leadership team is assembled to describe the vision and devise a general “Strategy” to advance the accepted "Vision" for the University.

The impact of the "Vision" can vary for the institution. Planning priorities range between high profile “institutional priority” projects, which support or advance an institutional mandate (i.e. Strategic Plan, Academic Plan, Capital and Campus Master Plan), and other meaningful but limited scope projects that benefit departments or faculties in some way (i.e. improve productivity, enhance use of space, improve student experiences).

Regardless of the scale of the vision, all projects are delivered through a similar delivery process, measured against a breadth of criteria to verify the best ideas, identify priorities and focus planning and project resources effectively. Smaller projects are handled in a much more expedient and consolidated manner in proportion to their nature and project scope.