Space Allocation

Space on campus is and will remain one of the most valued resources we have. From flexible student study spaces, to simple seminar rooms, sophisticated teaching theatres and research laboratories, balancing the myriad of needs with the space and types of space available requires thoughtful planning.

Campus Development (CD) is responsible for the assessment and recommended assignment of space, as well as responsibility for the inventory, use and evaluation of academic and administrative facilities. Planning and managing physical space resources in a way which best serves the learning, research and support activities at the U of L, involves the participation and cooperation of multiple departments.

Space is an essential, but dynamically changing and expensive resource. Assignment of appropriate space is often a very complex issue. When making acceptable space recommendations to the Vice President of Finance and Administration, Campus Development views space assignment issues on a mid to long-term, university-wide basis. Final decisions about the allocation of University space are made with an eye to highest and best use in order to ensure that we consciously plan to utilize the most of our precious space resources throughout all campus buildings.