Project Delivery Process in Detail

The following table describes the Project Development Process and CP+A's involvement during each phase:


Phase 1

Project Initiation

Institutional leadership determines a "Vision" and a "Strategy" for achieving its mandate by developing Key Parameters of the project. .

  • Campus Planning becomes responsible for the management and administration of the planning process at Phase 1.
  • The goal is to determine whether a project idea is viable and to articulate a clear vision.
Phase 2

Feasibility and Pre-Design

Continuing from the Key Parameters document, a Functional Programis developed to "Plan" in increasing detail. The Functional Program is used to describe project scope components in terms of space, adjacency relationships, function and so forth. This process serves to define the design problem at hand and further clarify intent and acknowledge spatial constraints and issues to be resolved during the implementation phase within the sub-phases of Schematic Design (SD) and Design Development (DD) with a professional design consultant team.

  • Campus Planning continues to facilitate the activities of Phase 2.
  • The goal is to refine the project into a clear Program that defines the design parameters of the project to an architect team and their sub-consultants.
Phase 3


This phase "Executes" earlier phase work and includes the procurement of professional design consultants to design and facilitate the project development process and advance the project through design and construction. Licensed professionals include architects, engineers and other specialist sub-consultants.

The specific phases of this stage are Schematic DesignDesign DevelopmentConstruction Documents, Tender /Award and Construction. The duration of this phase depends on the scope of the project and phasing required to meet ongoing operational needs. Sometimes a Post-Occupancy Evaluation concludes this phase in order to assess project successes and challenges in order to improve future projects.

  • Campus Planning advances planning work and all deliverables to the Project Management Office (PMO) to begin implementing the plan.
  • The goal is to solve defined issues for design and to accomplish the project vision through a thoughtful design process and to produce construction instruments to implement the construction of the end solution.