A "Project" Defined

The term "project" can mean very different things to different people, depending on their perspective and area of experience. In Facilities, a "project" has very specific minimum requirements: (1) a vision, (2) scope, (3) timeline or schedule, (4) a funding source and (5) a sponsor (accountability). Without these attributes completely defined, a project cannot be implemented.

Due to the capital responsibility of projects to leadership and government, all projects require a detailed approval process be followed. While this process is scalable according to the complexity of the proposal, all steps of the delivery process are required.

An "infrastructure project" further defines the project type (and sometimes funding source). Infrastructure projects include the alteration of systems and spaces via renovation, construction or reassignment (including removal or addition).

Project work in Facilities is funded 'by the project' rather than by Facilities operating grants or budgets within a department. Facilities departments involved in planning and implementation of projects do NOT retain unspent funds which may remain at the completion of a project.