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Refinishing adds sheen

Some may have noticed the “new” floors throughout the PE Building and Max Bell Aquatic Centre that are speckled with small and colourful stones...

President Mahon's First Few Months of Tenure

I appreciate the time you have taken to help me gain an understanding of the inner workings of the University, and the patience you have exhibited in teaching me some of the finer points of life at the U of L. The caretaking staff was especially kind in their review of my vacuuming skills, while the crew in grounds was surprisingly confident in my ability to handle a street sweeper. Physical plant took me into the bowels of the building and gave me an education on what really keeps this university running, and Ancillary Services taught me about foods, beds and books, while the people in Health Sciences trusted me with the virtual delivery of a baby in their new Nursing Skills Lab.

Jaeger Initiates Bursary for Students in Need

Believing that being part of a community comes with certain responsibilities, Jaeger has always tried to give back. Jaeger recently established the Judy Jaeger Bursary, an award aimed at helping students in financial need. The award demonstrates Jaeger’s deep appreciation for the sense of belonging she feels at the U of L, and her strong commitment to ensuring continued opportunities for students.