Using the Scanning Electron Microscopes in the BioImaging Facility, the students of the EM courses have generated many micrographs of a wide variety of specimens. By using a databasing program, Filemaker Pro, we are now able to place some of these images on the internet for viewing by the online community. The purpose of this database is to provide an organized and centralized resource for SEM micrographs. The main intent is for use as a teaching resource, providing images for class presentations and for students.

You can go to the SEM Database home page or search the database directly.

To View the Student projects in Scanning Electron microscopy, click here.

As mentioned previously, the vast majority of the images in this database were generated by the students who were enrolled in the Scanning Electron Microscopy course at the University. Due to this fact, all images contained within the database are property of the University of Lethbridge and/or the individuals who took the micrographs. Please obtain permission from the Facility Manager before using these images.