Spring 2019

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Classroom Instagram 101….Ramona Badau and Emma Parent

How can social media benefit your classroom?

ELEMENTARY EDUCATORS: Applying Foundational Knowledge ​about FNMI Peoples Jazmin Roe and Antonia Comanda 

How are Alberta elementary educators applying foundational knowledge about First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples in their classrooms? 

It's Genius Hour in Grade Four!...Devon Peck

How can we use research skills to encourage students to be motivated, independent learners in the elementary classroom?

Play-Facilitated Education…Madison Dovell & Nathan Comstock 

What is play-facilitated learning? How has play-facilitated learning impacted schools? How can play-facilitated learning benefit a variety of learners within the classroom?

Happy Vibes: An Extra-Curricular Program for Division 1...Katie Duval & Heidi Strom

How can the implementation of an extra-curricular program for division 1 help foster feelings of school inclusion for both students and parents?

English Language Learners and the power of "Yet"!...Adara Morrow and Elyse Mastel 

What are the benefits of a growth mindset, especially in elementary ELL students?

The World in Your Classroom: A Google Earth Project…Dani Janzen

How can Google Earth become more accessible to teachers?

Blended Learning- Letting Students Determine Place, Pace, and Path…Taylor Gordon

How can blended learning opportunities enhance student engagement in our classrooms?

Learning to Stay-A Case for Place Based Education in Rural Schools…Aileen Davidson

To what extent has and does public academic education result in the marginalisation of rural people and lifestyles? How can we make public education work in rural areas?

Behavior Intervention in the Classroom…Jocelyn Martinez

What behavior intervention resources are available to teachers and how can they navigate the tiers of behavior support?

Elementary Kindness Ninjas …Jessie Rieger and Ashlyn Vanderlinde

How can we best model and inspire kindness amongst our students and school community?

Making Mindfulness Possible…Ashley Pasiciel

How can we, as educators, better understand the realities students face outside the classroom by implementing mindfulness and creating a positive learning environment?

Using process-oriented art activities to foster self-efficacy in students…Alex Wright

How can process oriented art activities reduce social anxiety and build self-efficacy in students?

The CIA: Why Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Should be One in the ClassroomBrady Hornung

How can I blend Instruction and Assessment into one to create more engaging learning experiences while freeing up class time?

A resource for instructional and classroom management strategies…Gibion Makiwa

What instructional strategies can be used to engage students and minimize or reduce unwanted behavior?