Become a Teacher Associate or Teacher Mentor

Teacher Associates directly impact the development of future teachers, and thus affect the future of their profession. They also draw learning and inspiration from having Student Teachers in their schools.

The Expectations by Practica  provides an 'at a glance' look at each of the practica including the focus, course background, Intern/Student Teacher teaching responsibilities, expectations, and evaluation.

If you would like to request a Student Teacher please complete the Student Teacher/Intern Request Form, obtain the appropriate signatures, and fax the form to Field Experiences at (403)329-2372, or email it to .

Zone 6 Schools PS I, II Student Teacher Request 2019-2020 (Southern AB)

Zone 6 Schools PS III Intern Request 2019-2020 (Southern AB)

Zone 5 Schools Student Teacher / Intern Request 2019-2020 (Calgary and Area)

The Parent Guide addresses common questions about the roles and responsibilities of U of L Faculty of Education student teachers/interns when they complete their practica in schools.

Teacher Mentors

Teacher Internship Mentoring:

Teacher Internship Mentorship