Other Committees

Elected Faculty Representatives

Committee Representative Years
Arts and Science Council Representative Lance Grigg 2
Fine Arts Council Representative Janice Rahn 1
Health Sciences Representative Kerry Bernes 1
Management Council Representative Ken Heidebrecht 2

Elected GFC Representatives

Committee Representative Years
GFC Representative Richelle Marynowski, David Slomp 2/3
GFC Admission Standards Committee Amy von Heyking 1
GFC Library Committee Beth Cormier, Blythe Shepard (Alternate) 2
GFC Research Committee David Slomp 2
Faculty (STP) Handbook Appeals Committee (Elected Reps) Dawn McBride, Carmen Mombourquette 1
University Strategic Planning Committee Elaine Greidanus 2

Other Elected Representatives

Committee Representative Years
Teaching Centre Advisory Council Len Sproule 1
Ingrid Speaker Medal Committee Leah Fowler 2
Distinquished Teaching Award Committee Dawn McBride 1
MA Programme Committee Kas Mazurek 1
MSc Program Committee Sharon Pelech 2
Human Subject Review Appeal Committee Greg Ogilvie 2

Appointed Representatives to University Committees

Committee Representative Years  Left         
General Faculties Council Danny Balderson, Nancy Grigg 1/2
Graduate Studies Council Pam Adams, Erika Hasebe-Ludt, Lance Grigg  
MSc Program Committee (School of Grad Studies) Amy von Heyking 2
Social Sciences and Humanities Program Committee Erika Hasebe-Ludt 2
Technical Advising Committee (ITTAC) Scott Powell  

Appointed Representatives to External Committees

Committee Representative Years
ATA Cooperative Committee on Research in Teacher Education Greg Ogilvie 1
ATA Diversity, Education, and Human Rights Committee Richard Butt 1
ATA Teacher Education and Certification Committee Robin Bright 1
ATA Teacher Qualifications Committee Nancy Grigg 2
ATA Teacher Salary Qualifications Board Robin Bright 2
ATA Membership Eligibility Board Nancy Grigg 2
ATA Membership Eligibility Committee Robin Bright 1
ATA Lethbridge Area Field Experiences Committe (LAFEC) Corey Makoloski 1
ATA Calgary Area Field Experiences Committee Robin Bright 1
Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium Sharon Pelech 2
SWATCA Craig Loewen 2