iPad Project Report

Apple released (and updated) a software package called iBooks Author, which is aimed at helping teachers/authors create full, multimedia resources, in book format, that can be interacted with, viewed and read, on an iPad. The program allows for the integration of video, audio, PowerPoint/keynote presentations, 3-D graphics and images to support and enhance the written material.
As I've been researching and developing material for my creativity course, I saw the possibility of further exploring that material using iBooks Author (on a Mac) and the eBooks that it creates (for an iPad). I had five students from a recent class willing to explore and provide feedback on the course material (as presented in iPad format). And in order to do this I needed a minimum three iPads. Scott was willing to loan me one iPad, the faculty was willing to pay for one other (providing that it was given to Scott for faculty rotation after the project) and I asked for TIRP funding to purchase one other.
The project was a definite success. I received a significant amount of helpful feedback from the students and it helped further refine my course material. All three iPads are now back in Scott's rotation. Thank you to CTiTL for the TIRP funding that helped make this project possible.
Much appreciated.
Jim Henry