TIRP Report - Podcasting

Robert Runte, Jim Henry, Lorraine Beaudin (2006):

Robert's Uses of Podcasting Equipment:

Using the equipment purchased through TIRP Funding I

  • completed 3 (4 if you count episode 0, the brief but mandatory series intro) pilot episodes of Education Hotline. (The pilot episodes enabled the faculty to evaluate the feasibility of using a regular podcast to network with and respond to the needs of alumni, Teacher Associates, and practicing classroom teachers
  • ran an undergraduate independent study with Dave Ralston on the potential use of podcasting in the classroom.
  • produced two pilot podcasts for Education 3504 (WebCT)
  • produced one podcast for Education 4391.
  • reviewed about 30 educational podcasts produced by other institutions to identify “best practice” for the production of professional sounding and engaging learning objects and their appropriate use in the classroom (e.g., listened to Smooth Elephant, UMW Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies for their experiences integrating Blogs and Wikkis into classroom)
  • reviewed a large number of podcasts for possible inclusion as “readings” in Education 4391

Based on my experiences with these pilot projects, I anticipate being able to produce a number of podcasts/learning objects for my other courses on an ongoing basis, and will continue to access podcasts on an on-going basis.

Jim's Activities:

Summary of the use of the iPod and the M-Audio digital recorder is no longer avaialbe.

Lorraine's Activities:

  • Created two podcasts: One interview with Dr. Gunn on Text Processing and Another podcast of an interview between myself and a student in Robert's class (on teaching online) posted to the Education Exploration website that was created to host podcasts.
  • Produced a couple audio files attached to email messages for ED4767: Web Based Teaching.
  • Provided a brief overview of podcasting to gr. 6 level Middle School teachers at G. S. Lakie.
  • Danny, Scott and I offered an inservice to faculty on creating and using podcasts.