TIRP Report - HD Video

Marlo Steed (2006)

In the Spring of 2006, I applied for TIRP funding from the CTiTL committee to purchase a HD video camera. This proposal was funded and I have recently been experimenting with the camera. The intent of the proposal was to provide a video camera for research and teaching. Specifically, I wanted to explore the value of using HD video for capturing classroom interaction, that was done in the Fall of 2006 with my Ed3508 classes. I also intend to use the camera in a multimedia course in the Spring of 2007 to see how students might use this technology (no samples of that yet).

On the positive side, the resolution on the camera is overwhelming. The resolution on the old video cameras was 640x480 while the resolution on the HD video camera is 1920x1080. Associated with this is the larger field of view, there is more information on the screen which is really nice with environments like a classroom.

On the downside it takes significant free space on a harddrive. I found with my student videos that I could hold 2 or 3 sessions (10 minutes each) and then I had to delete the sessions to free up space for a new video capturing session (which was expected given the larger resolution size). That is of course is a function of the amount of harddrive space available. At times the computer got behind the capturing of the video, so it wasn't capturing in real time but for the most part that was not a problem (I was trying to do other things at the same time which accounted for the slow down). The automatic light sensors on the camera worked well but I had to avoid pointing it at the projection screen (classroom footage) so the rest of the image would not be underexposed.

Overall I am impressed with the quality of the image and the video capture worked well.