Information for Faculty and Instructors

Our Services and Mandate...

What are you?

We are a specialized Learning Resource Centre that supports the Faculty of Education's teacher education program and the practice of teaching, a cooperative endeavor between the University Library and the Faculty of Education.

What do you offer?

We offer all students and faculty three wide-ranging services:

Multi-Format Collection
Our collection has more than 48, 000 learning resources that describe and support the Early Childhood to Grade 12 Alberta school curriculum. This collection includes:

  • curriculum publications
  • authorized textbooks
  • support materials in traditional and emerging technologies

What does this look like?

  • We support the practice of teaching and the Library supports the theory of teaching.
  • The majority of our money is used to buy Alberta Education Approved teaching and learning resources.
  • If you want to make suggestions for materials, contact Bill Glaister, and he will consider them, or pass them onto Judy Voigt, the Education Librarian.
  • Our Digital Subscriptions Site includes a wide variety of databases available to you and your students. A password handout for all the sites is sent out each semester. These online subscriptions cost us $6500, or 19% of our budget.
  • Last year, we had 37, 549 items used, with 23,335 traditional items borrowed, and 14,214 web resources used.
  • Instructors requested $4000 worth of materials.
  • Information on our award winning Wigham Literature collection:
    • $9000.00 spent annually on best books titles
    • One time projects: “New And Contemporary Canadian Literature Resources For Secondary Readers,” mathematics literature titles, linked to the new mathematics textbooks, “Literature To Support First Nations, Metis And Inuit (FNMI) Student Success Kits” for elementary and junior high.
    • Upcoming projects: Multicultural literature kit, and Grade Level Best Read-Alouds browsing section for the Wigham Reading Area.
  • Department of Moderns Languages donation to enhance French language curriculum resources.
  • We purchased a complete set of grade level mathematics manipulatives kits, matched to the Alberta curriculum.

Teaching Laboratory
This is a place for students and faculty to gather, learn and reap the benefits of a facility designed just for them as teachers. It includes:

  • facilities that emphasize open access to the collection
  • individual and group work space
  • equipment and resources for the preparation of teaching materials

What does this look like?

  • Using the facilities for your classes: Any of the spaces in the lab can be booked by you or your students, including L1170B or L1170G. We also have portable whiteboards, projectors, and a laptop cart that is booked through us.
  • Curriculum Laboratory Map (Useful if you are booking teaching spots in the Lab!)
  • We have several locations for you or your students to store your materials.
  • We have portable carts and crates for your or your students to transport materials to and from the lab.
  • The handouts section of our website contains a wide assortment of finding tools and subject specific guides. Print copies of these area also available at our Information Desk.
  • Instructional Services activity: Bill Glaister and Beth Cormier are both teachers and librarians, and are available to help you integrate any of our resources into your classes. Based on research, our formal undergraduate information literacy sessions are taught "at point of need," and related to specific class assignments. Last year:
    • the teacher/librarian staff in the Lab worked with education instructors to teach 66 classes with 1439 participants.
    • instructors/students brought 407 groups to the lab for class activities, with 8509 participants.

Qualified Staff
Our staff is not only highly qualified, they are here to help students and faculty get what they need. Our staff:

  • Integrate teaching and library experience
  • Provide links between instruction theory and teaching practice, such as handouts and instruction to to support information literacy.
  • Include technical services staff who order, receive, catalogue and maintain our collections.

What does this look like?

  • Instructional Services activity. Last year:
    • our users (students and faculty) asked 3824 questions of our Information Desk staff.
  • Technical Services activity. Last year:
    • 1230 items were added to our collection, including selection, receiving, processing, cataloguing, and shelving of the items.
  • Teaching Ideas Showcase (Literature Integration) Websites and Presentations: Each year, Bill Glaister and Beth Cormier work with student teachers, and teachers and their students, to produce and present workshops on a variety of curriculum topics which integrate literature into the curriculum. See for more information.