PS I Carpool

This site is for students registered in PS I only. Access to this web site is given to students currently registered in PS I and Field Experiences staff and will only become activated prior to the practicum.

The information found on this site is to be used to form carpools. Personal information of others is not for distribution.

Students entering the Faculty of Education should note that practicum placements include locations anywhere within Southern Alberta. As stated in the University of Lethbridge Calendar, acceptance of an offer of admission to the Faculty of Education indicates acceptance of a possible requirement to travel to or relocate to practicum placements within Zone 6. As stated in the Confirmation of Admission package, while efforts will be made to attend to students with extraordinary circumstances, students must be prepared to travel to school locations throughout Zone 6. Some locations require relocation Monday to Friday.

Student Teachers may be reimbursed for transporting other Student Teachers to assigned schools. Faculty reimbursement to a Student Teacher driver is $0.28 per km for distances in excess of 40 km per return trip. There is no reimbursement for a Student Teacher traveling alone unless special arrangements are made through Field Experiences prior to the practicum. Distances are determined by University of Lethbridge administration.

Policy for ED 2500, PS I and PS II Carpools

If you have a reliable vehicle you are asked to help your fellow students (and future colleagues) with transportation to assigned schools.

The mileage quoted on the back of each expense claim form will be the distances allowed.

Compensation will not be paid for both accommodation and daily mileage. However, mileage will be provided (with prior approval) for weekend travel between your place of accommodation for practicum and Lethbridge. See below for conditions that apply.

NOTE: It is the passengers responsibility to get to a location where the driver can pick them up. (Either at the driver’s house, or some other designated location.) Offering to compensate the driver for coming to pick you up is a very nice gesture.

NOTE: If there is more than one driver in a carpool, each driver must verify and sign the other claim(s). As a driver it is your responsibility to ensure your expense claim is accurate and true.

You will be compensated for driving if:

  1. You are driving to a school located in a city/town designated to be more than 40km (return) away and you have at least one passenger in your vehicle, and you have completed and submitted an insurance form listing your carpool.
  2. You are the only person who will be going to your assigned city/town and returning to Lethbridge and carpools cannot be set up. (i.e., there are three students going to Medicine Hat and two of them are staying there on weekends and you must return to Lethbridge.)

You will NOT be compensated for driving if:

  1. You have not completed an insurance form and returned it to the Field Experiences Office prior to your practicum.
  2. The school you have been assigned to is less than or equal to 40 km (return) away. Please note University Administration sets the distance.
  3. You are not carpooling and there is an opportunity to do so.

Conditions That Apply

If there is a situation where you are the only person placed in a city/town more than 40 km (return) from Lethbridge you may be compensated mileage with prior permission from Field Experiences.

If you choose to drive instead of being accommodated for a placement more than 100 km away, you may qualify for the lesser of travel assistance or the cost of accommodation. (This means that if you choose to drive to Vulcan instead of being billeted for the duration of your practicum – the Field Experiences Office will pay for accommodation or travel, which ever is less.)

If you need additional information, feel free to contact us:

Field Experiences
Faculty of Education
Room TH 421 Turcotte Hall
University of Lethbridge
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Lethbridge, Alberta T1K 3M4

Phone 403.329.2259
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