Am I Ready for Graduate School?

Take a few moments to answer the questions below to find out if you are ready for the Master of Counselling graduate program.

Are you ready for the IT demands associated with being an online student?

  • Can you list two web browsers?
  • Can you find one University of Lethbridge Master of Counselling program webpage?
  • Can you find the following article online?
    Melrose, S. (2005). Skills for succeeding in online graduate studies. Academic Exchange Quarterly.
  • Can you copy and paste text and insert a table within a Microsoft Word document?
  • Can you copy and paste material from a google search into a Microsoft Word document?

Are you ready for the time commitment and organization required to be a successful graduate learner?

  • Do you have a quiet space with a desk to work on Master of Counselling tasks?
  • Do you have a filing cabinet or other storage solution to house your Master of Counselling paperwork and course files and documents?
  • Have you told your family and friends that much of your free time, in particular your weekends, will be devoted to earning your Master of Counselling degree?
  • Have you found at least ten or more hours per week per course in your work/life schedule to spend studying?
  • Have you reached out for support from your family and friends to help you meet these time commitments?

See our list of strategies for a successful beginning to the Master of Counselling program.