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Part of your graduate experience includes two practicum placements. These placements allow you to experience counselling in practice and are aimed at skill development in real counselling settings. There are timelines and deadlines throughout the year for setting up and organizing practicum placements. This page is intended to do two things:

  1. Give you a quick overview of the process,
  2. Impress on you the need to be very organized over the course of a school year to be sure that you do not miss any key dates for setting up practica and practicum agreements.

The guidelines and procedures for practicum placements have recently been revised. Please take care in reviewing the new procedures and forms that are now required.

Students in the Faculty of Education graduate counselling programs are responsible for making their own arrangements for both practicum placements. Preparation for the practicum should begin at least 8 months prior to the course start date.

Prior to the start of the practicum:

  1. Carefully review the timelines and guidelines as noted in the Counselling Practicum Handbook.
  2. Review the list of Approved Supervisors and Approved Practicum Sites, available from Graduate Studies and Research in Education staff. Contact potential approved practicum supervisors/sites in your local area.
  3. If you have a preferred practicum site or supervisor that is not listed as already approved, contact the potential supervisor/site in your local area. Provide potential supervisors/sites with the Counselling Practicum Handbook.
  4. Once the proposed supervisor has agreed to supervise you in your practicum, please refer to the Counselling Practicum Handbook for instructions and the relevant forms that need to be submitted to finalize the practicum placement.
  5. It is important to have a back-up alternative in case your placement is not approved.

Forms (as Word documents):

Appendix B Practicum Profile
Appendix C Practicum at Place of Employment
Appendix E WCB Agreement for Students in Practicum Placements (Revised Oct 2017)
Appendix G Learning Plan
Appendix H Consent for Supervision and Recording Sessions
Appendix I Practicum Time Log
Appendix J Practicum Feedback and Evaluation Form

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