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Project Option

A project is generally intended as an application to an existing methodology or procedure. Often, people will use the project as a demonstration or as an implementation of something that does not currently exist in their system. Thus, it is more practice oriented, even though it still must have a solid grounding in the literature. Students engage in systematic inquiry of a topic relevant to their educational practice. This inquiry is grounded in theory and research but typically focuses on practice. Methods of inquiry may be both qualitative or quantitative.


Approval of Project Supervisory Committee (doc)

Approval of Project Proposal (doc)

Recommendation of the Award of the Degree (pdf)

Guidelines and Reference:

Thesis/Project Submission Regulations regulations are noted on the School of Graduate Studies website. Also refer to the Checklist for Submission of Culminating Activity Documents for APA 6th Edition NOTE: This document is currently under review. CHANGES ARE PENDING for students completing the Project after Spring 2020.

School of Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures Pay particular attention to the procedures for completing and submitting the project, as noted within the Policies and Procedures.


Sample Title Page for Theses and Projects (doc)

Samples of projects are available on OPUS. Students should be aware that a wide variety of topics are represented. Students should consult with their supervisors to find the most appropriate projects to peruse relative to their own area of research.