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Culminating Activities - Thesis, Project, Capstone

Faculty of Education students are required to complete a culminating activity as part of their graduate programs requirements. Carefully refer to to the content below, including program specific information within the Calendar and Policies, as well as information pertinent to the culminating activity you are completing.


Following final decanal approval of a Thesis or Project, the final PDF document must be submitted to OPUS (Open ULeth Scholarship):

A thesis is theory oriented, and begins with the posing of a question that will in some way contribute to the building or validating of theory. Considerable depth is expected in the review of literature, the application of a disciplined and clearly described methodology for dealing with the research question, a thorough description of the results of the work (both descriptive and connotational), a synthesis of the research findings with extant literature, and implications of the research for both theory and practice.

Carefully review the information and forms below:

A project is generally intended as an application to an existing methodology or procedure. Often, people will use the project as a demonstration or as an implementation of something that does not currently exist in their system. Thus, it is more practice oriented, even though it still must have a solid grounding in the literature. Students engage in systematic inquiry of a topic relevant to their educational practice. This inquiry is grounded in theory and research but typically focuses on practice. Methods of inquiry may be both qualitative or quantitative.

Carefully review the information and forms below:

The Capstone is conducted in a supportive seminar environment that draws on the participant's experience in the graduate program in order to synthesize the student's learning in the creation of a significant contribution to scholarship and/or professional practice.

Carefully review the information and forms below: